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What I do

Firstly, I  am a Landscape Architect, however I also explore the potential of design throughout various disciplines.

I design Landscapes, take photos and manipulate images, graphic design, create websites, plan indoor spaces, translate Chinese, provide IT support, as well as help small businesses develop their potential.

About me

I’m a young Landscape Architect  & Designer based in London, having recently graduated from Kingston University.

I enjoy working creatively on projects to inform innovative designs, I am also a business minded person with a keen interest in finding opportunities for development.

About this site

This site is my online home, my portfolio, design lab, test ground, blog, and communication hub, where I share ideas with the world.

The site is currently under development. If you have any ideas, suggestions , issues and questions with the site please do feel free to contact me.


+44 (0) 7907 327644


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Hello, welcome to my home  

in the cloud. I’m a multi-discipline  

Landscape Architect & Designer  

with interest in business adventure.

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